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One Book / One Campus Read

Welcome to One Book / One Campus, the shared reading initiatve for schools of the Graphic Arts Campus.  It is hoped that the shared reading experience will

  • to develop a sense of community among students across schools
  • to engage in cross-disciplinary  dialogue about a shared reading experience
  • foster a love of reading

The shared reading experience also gives the chance for families to engage in intergenerational book-centered discussions.

How it Went Down

Book Trailer Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Guillermo Lithgow of Mather High School, winner of the book trailer contest!  View a copy of the trailer on the Mather HS Facebook account!

Upcoming Events

Join the Graphic Arts Campus Book Club and be one of the first to read this book!  How it Went Down is our first book club read.

Graphic Arts Campus Book Club   Tuesday, October 18th at 4:00

November 29  : Design a Bookplate.  Discuss the book, design a book plate. Meet at 3:30 in the school library.

Dec. 8th  Create a Book Trailer.  Create a book trailer and earn points for your grade. Meet at 3:30 in the school library.

Dec. 15   Book Trailers Week II    at  3:30 in the library.

Dec. 22   Book Trailers Week III   at 3:30 in the library.

January 2017  Book Trailer Contest.  Let the voting begin January 27th, 2017.

April 4, 2017   Meet the Author event Skype in the library.  Stop by the library to r.s.v.p. to attend.